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Agreement on the provision of dinner without cost sharing



Hereinafter the client


Z-Catering GmbH
Am Borsigturm 100
13507 Berlin

Hereinafter the contractor

1. This agreement is based on a valid contract with the school authorities / general client, and it covers production, supply, and serving food in Berlin's elementary schools. Parents do not pay for this service. In the event that the contractual framework conditions should change or in the event that the legal regulations should change, the diners will be informed.

2. Food orders are from your desired data automatically by regular order. Should your child not participate in the meal, you can cancel the service daily (from 08:00 am on the day of the delivery) in our online order system or by phone (030-405 344 30). You will receive your customer number from us for this purpose.

3. The food is produced according to the standards for a healthy, balanced diet and is particularly suitable for children. It is based on the current recommendations “DGE Quality Standards for School Catering” of the German Nutrition Society (DGE). Nutritionally inferior ingredients and production methods are avoided. A healthy whole food diet with fresh ingredients is preferred. The meals are freshly prepared daily.

4. In the sense of sensibly handling the food, it is necessary to optimally determine the needs of the lunch. If possible, only the number of portions needed by the children should be provided. Upon conclusion of this agreement, the lunch order will be placed through our ordering system. If it is foreseeable that your child will require meals only on certain days or will not participate in meals because of illness or other reasons, please de-register your child. In the case of excursions, study days, or school cancellation, the school will cancel the registration.

5. If your child suffers from a medically certified allergy, please indicate this in the text field. Please contact our certified dieticians (sonderkost@z-catering.de) to make individual arrangements for the optimal care of your child

6. Please note the general terms and conditions and data protection information. 

7. The caterer shall be entitled to save the customer's IP address at the time of registration. The data shall be collected exclusively for administrative purposes, and it shall not be passed on to a third party.

You will find all further information under FAQ on our homepage www.z-catering.de